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top 20 USA events

Welcome to the NEW Top Events USA site with details about the top 10, top 15 and top 20 events in specific states, areas and cities of the USA.

The newly updated TOP EVENTS USA does not feature every single event in America – only those recognized as one of the top 10, 15 or 20 attractions in each location.

Depending on the size and popularity of events themselves, the Top Events USA listings are selected by residents, tourists and visitors in the USA, the team of travel writers working for Top Events USA, and some officials of the states, cities and the actual USA events and festivals themselves.

Top Events USA Blog

In the Top Events USA blog there is a regular update showcasing all the latest news and surprises for those interested in the main events and festivals across the USA . . .

Check in here for the latest continuously updated Top Events USA blog

Top 20 Events in all USA

Our list of the top 20 events in all USA features just some of the main events in the whole of the USA that have earned recognition as being among the top and best that the America has to offer – from the famous Rose Parade in Pasadena, and the largest independent cinema festival in the USA known as the Sundance Film Festival, to popular notables such as the New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, the Iowa State Fair that has been featured in the New York Times’ "1000 Places to See Before You Die", and the Fourth of July Celebration at the Hatch Shell in Boston, Massachusetts . . .

Learn here about the Top 20 Events in all USA

Top 10, top 15, or top 20 Events in each of the USA states, cities and areas

In the Top Events in USA States section of Top Events USA you will find lists of the top 10, top 15, or top 20 events and festivals in all states from Alabama to Wyoming and even in some selected cities of the USA.

Follow the array of different topics in each state - from the wild fun of Mardi Gras, Jazz Festivals or St Patrick's Day revelries, to the serious respect for Martin Luther King Parades and much more.

Please note that some of the states, such as California and Florida are much larger than others both in space, populations and visitors each year, and offer far more in terms of events and festivals. Top Events USA treats these states slightly differently and offers information about the top events in different and specific areas of those states . . .

Lists here highlight the Top Events in USA States

Top USA Events Themes

Catering to those with a particular interest, the Top USA Events Themes section presents a detailed section about over 30 of the top, major event themes following a variety of different topics, from the wild fun of Mardi Gras, Jazz Festivals or St Patrick's Day revelries, and even the most unusual events in the country such as the Great Texas Mosquito Festival, to the serious respect for Martin Luther King Parades and much more . . .

Pages here showcase the categories of major Top USA Events Themes

Top Events USA Features

For even more information about over 90 of the events featured in Top Events USA take a look at the Top Events USA Features section for even more information on events like the largest balloon fiesta in the world, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta taking place in Albuquerque in New Mexico in October each year, and the Boston Marathon that is seen as the most prestigious road race in the world watched by more than 500,000 spectators . . .

Even more details about specific Top Events USA Features

New Top Events USA nominations

As proud as we are about the pains we have taken to make sure our lists of top events in the USA are as accurate as possible - there is no doubt that we have missed some very important events and we are always keen to hear responses and suggestions about possible additions to the site . . .

Take a chance here to suggest your own New Top Events USA nominations

Top 20 Events USA Media and Press Releases

Top Events USA Media

Contact us

This page offers the main contact resources for Top Events USA and all about who to contact to best serve your particular needs or queries . . .


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